NAP | FILMWORX is a film production company located in Vienna who produces film/TV content – all the way from writing the script to the finished film, short film or showreel for actors – as well as promotional videos for companies, product films and event films. All our filmproductions – shortmovies, trailers and showreels – are original scripts written by our international script writers in English, German, French, Italian and/or Spanish, catering towards the personal wishes and personality of our customers and actors.

NAP | FILMWORX provides you with experienced film industry staff – director, director of photography, sound engineer, writer and post production. We have our own recording studio, sound designers and sound mixers. We produced over 200 short films and showreels, a TV-series is in pre-production and other projects are currently underway. We offer showreel shootings in these cities: Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg and Salzburg. Film productions, product films, promotional videos and event films can take place at any location.

NAP | NewActingProject is the educational section of NAP | FILMWORX, aimed at actors and voice over artists. The focus is on camera acting training, casting training, acting coaching, workshops and diction classes.

Our working languages are German and English, our lecturers well known and experienced coaches.

This way participants can incorporate the working language and techniques that are of international standard.

Call us: +43 (0)699 10043299

Call us:

+43 (0)699 10043299